How to read a cyber security job description – and how not to write one

Date(s) - 27/09/2019
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Dewar Centre

SICSA Cyber Nexus is running a workshop on “How to read a cyber security job description – and how not to write one”.  It will take place on Friday 27th September in Perth

It’s hard to write a good cyber security job description. Sometimes they look like scary long lists of technical skills that no one person is likely to have, and some soft words about what people need to be like that are hard to evaluate. As a result, people who would make excellent employees fail to apply. In this event, for companies who hire cyber security staff and students who are curious about the sector, we’ll be sitting down together to take a look at some real job descriptions and ask some questions. Students should learn how to read the intention behind these mystifying documents, and employers, how to write them.

In order to attend, students must write a sentence about themselves why they want to come, tell us what university or college and what course they are on, and what travel costs they would incur to attend the event. Women are especially encouraged to apply. We will choose participants to make the group as diverse as possible. Reasonable student costs will be reimbursed if claims with receipts are made by 15 October. Do not book tickets until you receive an email confirming your place and travel spending limit.

Employers must confirm that they will be able contribute one and preferably two job descriptions for small group discussion, by emailing them to us with a deadline of 23 September. They need not be live adverts, but should be from the last two years.

Aileen O’Hagan, EQUATE Scotland
Others, to be confirmed

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