DVF Seminar Series: Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities

Date(s) - 04/08/2021
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

SICSA Distinguished Visiting Professor Enrique Alba (University of Malaga) will talk on “Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities”.

About this event

SICSA Distinguished Visiting Professor Enrique Alba (University of Malaga) is being hosted in Scotland by Robert Gordon and Stirling Universities during Summer 2021. As part of this he will deliver this seminar on “Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities”, hosted by the Data Science and Intelligent Systems Research Group at the University of Stirling.

The talk will be online: we expect the presentation to last around 45-50 minutes, with 40-45 minutes for potential discussions afterwards.

Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities

The concept of Smart Cities can be understood as a holistic approach to improve the level of development and management of the city in a broad range of services by using information and communication technologies.

It is common to recognize six axes of work in them: i) Smart Economy, ii) Smart People, iii) Smart Governance, iv) Smart Mobility, v) Smart Environment, and vi) Smart Living. In this talk we first focus on a capital issue: smart mobility. European citizens and economic actors need a transport system which provides them with seamless, high-quality door-to-door mobility. At the same time, the adverse effects of transport on the climate, the environment and human health need to be reduced. We will show many new systems based in the use of bio-inspired techniques to ease the road traffic flow in the city, as well as allowing a customized smooth experience for travelers (private and public transport).

This talk will then discuss on potential applications of intelligent systems for energy (like adaptive lighting in streets), environmental applications (like mobile sensors for air pollution), smart building (intelligent design), and several other applications linked to smart living, tourism, and smart municipal governance.

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