4th SICSA Cyber Security Meetup

Date(s) - 06/06/2013
All Day


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At the previous SICSA Cybersecurity Meet-up in Glasgow, it was agreed that the theme of the next meeting should be “The real problems in cybersecurity.” To that end, we shall be hearing from Prof. Andrew McGettrick on “Education in Cybersecurity”, experiencing a hands-on exercise in Ethical Hacking and debating the fundamental causes of security problems.

Call for Presentations
To promote debate on the theme, you are invited to submit (by email to realcybersecurity[AT]abertay.ac.uk) a single (Powerpoint or equivalent) slide that summarises what you think are the important issues problems and challenges facing the cybersecurity community. Please don’t restrict this to your own work or your own area (we’ve already had chances to speak about that at previous meet-ups) rather, let your imagination loose and let us know what you consider to be the fundamental problems of cybersecurity. At the next meet-up at the University of Abertay Dundee on the 6th June, there will be a chance to speak about your ideas (3 minutes at most!) before we open up a debate on what the SICSA Cybersecurity group consider to be the cybersecurity “Grand Challenges” and, of course, what contribution we can make to their solution.

9:30 – Registration / coffee
10:00 – Welcome
10:05 – Keynote – Dr. Khalil El-Khatib – Biometrics
11:00 – Coffee Break
11:15 – Hands-on Session in the Ethical Hacking Lab
1:00 – Lunch
2:00 – Education in Cybersecurity – Prof. Andrew McGettrick
2:30 – Education in Cybersecurity – discussion
3:00 – Coffee Break
3:15 – Grand Challenges in Cybersecurity
4:00 – SICSA Cybersecurity – Planning/Future Events

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