Research Theme Reports Pre 2016

Complex Systems Engineering
Communication Based Computation May 2014
Course on Dependently Typed Metaprogramming 2013-14
European LLVM Conference 2014
Memory Management Network 2013
DWave Systems Cyber-Security Event 2012
Parallel Quantum Computing 2013
Parametricity Workshop 2013
Practical Types June 2014
ScotCats November 2013
Scottish Programming Languages Seminar 2013
Scottish Programming Languages Seminar June 2014
Scottish Programming Languages Seminar February 2016
Trends in Functional Programming 2012
UK Perfomance Engineerring Workshop 2012
Workshop on Modelling and Optimisation of Real-World Transportation Problems, January 2015

Cyber-Security Challenge UK, 2013
Random Hacks of Kindness 2013

Data Science
Scottish Linked Data Interest Group Workshop 2014

Future Cities
Future Cities Workshop 1
Future Cities Workshop 2
Future Cities Workshop 3

Modelling and Abstraction
Atlas Informatics 2012
Automated Reasoning 2013
Biology and Computing 2012
Compositional Modelling and Analysis of Quantitative Systems Workshop 2012
Computational Ecology Workshop
Cyber-Physical Systems May 2013
Deep Learning Workshop May 2014
Dynamics of biological networks 2013
Mathematical Biology Network May 2014
Maths and Computer Proof Workshop 2012
Modelling Challenges and Perpectives 2012
Scottish Combinatorics Meeting 2016
Scottish Theorem Proving Seminars, March 2015
SICSA Workshop on Probabilistic Modelling of Urban Transportation Systems
Senior Women in Computing Meeting 2013
Women in Computing Meeting February 2014
Women in Computing Panel May 2013

Human-Computer Interaction
DialWatt: The 18th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue
MMI Doctoral Consortium12
MMI Doctoral Consortium13
PreCHI_Event 2013
PreCHI_Event 2015
Qualitative Data Day 2012
Scottish Argumentation Day 2013
SICSA Information Retrieval Workshop 2013
SICSA Visual Analytics Meeting 2013
SICSA Workshop on Social Media Mining 2013
SICSA Workshop on Argument Mining (SWAM) 2014
Spatial Information Workshop March 2014
Speech Technology and Human Computer Interaction Workshop March 2014
Technology for Health and Wellbeing Workshop 2011
Tiree TechWave 2013

Next Generation Internet
SDN 2013