Complex Systems Engineering

New systems of systems must be engineered to meet the needs of industry and society, operating robustly within an often hostile external environment.

The fundamental economic, governmental and social infrastructure in our society depends on large and complex systems. As our hardware and networking capabilities increase, this leads to an increasing demand for greater software capability and integration. It is no longer appropriate to think of these large systems as single entities but as systems of systems whose components are independent entities. However, the development of such large-scale systems of systems is problematic as evidenced by reports of software cost over-runs and failures of systems to satisfy the requirements of those who procure and use them.

Within SICSA, we have a range of expertise that can be deployed to address the problems of Complex Systems Engineering. These require theoretical and practical research that can develop new conceptual models and significant practical advances in software systems engineering. The research challenges in complex systems engineering span a range of areas from fundamental mathematics to education to organisational change.

The Research Theme Leaders for Complex Systems Engineering are Professors John McCall ( and Neil Ghani (

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