Next Generation Mixed-Reality Systems

Mixed-reality systems allow the merger of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments in which physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time. Events take place in a mix of reality and virtual reality, and physical location may affect virtual capability and vice versa. Application areas of mixed-reality systems play an increasing societal and economic role: these range from remote surgery, to wildlife conservation, from entertainment to education. Several issues and difficulties have emerged with the development and usage of early systems: wrong assumptions about spatial context, incompleteness in the design and security/privacy issues, probabilistic aspects (e.g., GPS drift, human behaviour).

This Research Challenge will focus on the development of new mathematical frameworks to formally reason about a world in which computation becomes embedded into physical environments and in which human social interactions are increasingly mediated by sensors and mobile devices. We aim to bring together leading academics and industry stakeholders to identify and discuss the most pressing questions posed by the widespread deployment of mixed-reality systems and, by the end of the Challenge, produce a draft research funding bid.

The Research Challenge Leader for Next Generation Mixed-Reality Systems is Dr Michele Sevegnani (

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