Future Cities

Development and investment around “Future Cities” is increasing at breakneck speed, but this pace is also creating a rising tide of new infrastructures, applications and forms of management, industry and citizenship – creating problems of scale, choice, interoperability, openness, security and inclusivity. There is an ever-increasing set of databases, apps and infrastructures that people can choose from, use and extend – including (but not limited to) the centralised systems of city authorities and government.

The priority of this Research Challenge is to shift the focus from the data to the use case; from siloed data to services that touch people’s lives in a collective and coherent way, and from a research view narrowly focused on academic Computer Science to one that encompasses other disciplines and stakeholders.  We are building on the network already established within the SICSA Future Cities short theme, which set up connections with the local government and city councils. We aim to bring together leading academics, practitioners and Government staff to discuss how the most pressing questions in architecture, urban design, computer science and citizen/art–centred research relate to the institutions, people and data of Scotland’s ‘Future Cities’.

The Research Challenge Leaders for Future Cities are Dr Craig MacDonald (Craig.Macdonald@glasgow.ac.uk) and Professor Ewan Klein (ewan@staffmail.ed.ac.uk).

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